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          Technological innovation plan of automotive electronic industry in China

          In recent years, with the rapid growth of domestic automobile production and sales, China's auto market has surpassed the United States, a global * large car market. As the development of automotive mechanical system technology, automotive technology innovation more from automotive electronics products. Today, 90% of the development of automotive technology from automotive electronics technology innovation. In the field of new energy vehicles, automotive electronics products accounted for the proportion of the cost is more than 60%.
              The electronic control of the vehicle is also one of the important directions for the future development of automobiles. IIPA data show that automotive electronics, including automotive power control systems, automotive electronic systems, intelligent control systems and automotive electronic network systems, including electronic components cost in the high-end car accounted for more than 60% to 70% of the overall, the hardware innovation From the rich entertainment, to energy management, and then to the network of intelligent control and other direction.
              Intelligent traffic construction under the construction of bus network
              Among them, the car network under the construction of intelligent traffic, can achieve road safety, efficient, energy saving and environmental protection, to pull the entire industry chain, such as the upstream sensor, automotive electronics and other related software and hardware enterprises, to the downstream information content supply Business, have a great role in promoting. In the 4G / LTE and cloud technology mature, in 2014 the global automotive electronics industry outbreak, the output value increased by 7%, reaching 205 billion US dollars, by 2020 will maintain an average growth rate of 8.5%, while the circuit board industry as automotive electronics Equipment suppliers will undoubtedly have new business opportunities.
              Car networking as a thing of the "tip of the iceberg", has been exposed edge. It is expected that by 2015 the overall market size of China's Internet of Things will reach 750 billion yuan, the annual compound growth rate of more than 30%. National integrated circuit design Shenzhen Industrialization Center Director Zhou Shengming introduction, communication technology tends to mature, in addition to the standardization of communication platform unified problem, the integrated circuit will be the key to further development of things.

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