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          Changes and opportunities in the automotive industry under the Internet thinking

          Intelligent and new energy these two forces, is driving the transformation of the automotive industry. In the current Beijing auto show, the new energy car in the car accounted for nearly Qi Cheng, this is visible changes. Virtually, the Internet or faster to the automotive industry penetration, but forcing the automotive industry to re-distribution of the value chain, and may even subvert the existing pattern, car prices will be a strategic vision to grasp the future?
          To this end, "First Financial Daily" invited to the automotive business, IT companies, the financial sector, business schools and other areas of professionals, from a multi-level to discuss the Internet under the thinking of the changes and opportunities.
          First Financial Daily: What are the implications and changes in Internet thinking about the automotive industry and related industries? Where is the boundary of car internet thinking?
          Wang Hua: I think the Internet and the process of car transfer which should have three connections. The first connection is also the connection from government laws and regulations. Such as Tesla, if from the consumer experience and make the value chain remodeling point of view, Tesla advocated to remove the dealer links, selling the way the sale of apples. But from another point of view, the government tends to protect the interests of dealers more. So Tesla's way is to move the dealer's cheese, then it touches a border.
          The second boundary is actually from the traditional thinking of the enterprise, the traditional car industry thinking and the Internet environment, the way of thinking is not the same. Such as car prices to do O2O, online interaction with consumers, but the back of the system has not changed, repaire or so many cycles, the internal process is not recycling, seemingly made a so called embrace the Internet, but in fact because of the traditional Manufacturing and other departments can not embrace the Internet.
          The third boundary is the Internet's own big data, data and clouds like a black hole, like all the things to the black hole in the past, which poses a challenge to security issues.
          Zhang Jun: nearly a couple of years, the impact of the Internet on the bank or some, including electricity providers, third parties to pay. Whether it is the automobile industry or other industries, are our bank to serve the object, all the participants are based on cooperation and win-win premise, if a party's interests have been very large impact, not balanced, may Will become a border, such as the balance of treasure.
          We hope that the capital has a value-added process, we must have this process. The balance of the treasure is very fire for some time, * near the impact of all the profits must have the value of the process, if not, then may not be sustained.
          Everbright Bank is the first to do the car finance bank, then designed the bank acceptance bill products, is entirely based on the needs of manufacturers. Over the past 14 years, we have been feeling that the overall needs of all auto financial participants are changing. At present, we focus on the core manufacturers and upstream and downstream product innovation, concerned about the different needs of different customers. Before all the line, and now all the bills are electronic, have become online. The Internet offers a more convenient and quick medium. Throughout the process of cooperation, all partners if there is a more open, more equal and transparent attitude, will make the benefits of more diversified.
          Daily: the Internet continue to infiltrate the future of the automotive industry is not subversive?
          Xia Jun: I think the Internet is almost everywhere, but certainly not omnipotent. Whether the car itself is the product itself or the entire car to provide the middle of the service, there are a lot of technical, security considerations. At present, from the whole with the car, with the service-related Internet industry point of view, this has a lot of work to do. From the user's point of view, the Internet in terms of quality of service, security, I think there are still some hidden dangers.
          The so-called user as the core, is to break the vehicle factory as the core. In order to better meet the needs of users, we will start from the SAIC system within the trial of the net, the future would like to open, to force their own system, subversive in terms of our traditional business is difficult, I think it is Progressive change.
          Wang Nan: The integration of the Internet and the car must be related to the realities of the vehicle as a means of transport, and all new applications need to be well integrated with safety. When we were early on the car infotainment system, once the car was moved, many features were blocked after much speed, because it was safe. We may feel that the Internet is characterized by anytime, anywhere to do anything, but when driving, the driver is often can not do a lot of things.
          Now the Internet and the car is a big problem is the Internet thinking, and * terrible is often a false proposition. Is not the car network, the key to the measurement is whether to truly meet customer needs and experience for the user to bring a safer, more convenient experience. Car network itself is not the goal, to meet the customer's real experience and demand is the purpose.
          Daily News: There is a view that the car prices began to O2O mode, the line is still more receptive experience, and the car a lot of this product to the car, test drive and feel, few people will not When the test drive on the order, so the car O2O is not optimistic. Car prices on the Internet try to have confidence? The Internet is to meet the era of large data, online this side will give the car production, sales and business model how to push down?
          Xia Jun: Some of our data can be reflected, and now consumers of the car, more than 80% are to go to the first line to do some models of choice and comparison to help make their car decision. Young people are becoming mainstream consumer groups, these people rarely buy a car before the first home to a 4S shop to run, but on-line comparison. So, we O2O model is homeopathic, as the industry to do this car sales business, to do to meet the needs of users on-line search comparison.
          Whether it is online and offline, all of its choice of consumption habits of all the integration, do mining and analysis, in turn, for the target users can provide more accurate products, including service product design, and can understand some Quite the personality of the consumer after 90, especially after the idea of access through the online access to their needs, you can do this customization, online potential value will be more and more.
          Daily: Internet thinking, the automotive industry in the future what opportunities? How can I seize the opportunity?
          Wang Hua: According to some research institutions analysis, in 2015, the automotive financial institutions in China this cake should have 670 billion. We have to use a dynamic point of view, now the Troika whether the future is still a troika, who will become a newcomer? This is the dynamic competition pattern changes. From the car's whole life cycle, the car's financial services, insurance services by whom to lead, which is worthy of attention in the future. Today's pattern does not mean that the future pattern. Of course, this first-mover advantage is a very scarce resource, this year is not to say that a company wants to break through the break immediately.
          I personally think that China is now imperative to solve the pain of consumers, and then to solve the consumer satisfaction or to achieve the dream of consumers. As long as the pain of the consumer is the existence of the words, who to solve this pain point who will seize the opportunity. Consumers a good experience, to bring you the viscosity is far greater than an ad to impress you of this force, which may become a Chinese independent brand high-end one of the very important strategy.
          Wang Nan: First, the technology is not ready, is not what technology to make the application of the bottleneck of reality, technology is the time to mature. Second, the customer is not such a demand, if the public does not have such a demand, no matter how good the technology can not become a reality. In addition, there are access to the policy threshold, such as auxiliary driving technology, many laboratories around the world has long been in the study, depot also began to do, but in the future when it becomes a reality or a problem.

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